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KXKK Announcers

Charlie Derek

Charlie Derek - Click for more

When you tune in for a Good Country Mornin', there are a few things you'll want to know up front.

You might not think it's the funniest show you've ever heard, but you're guaranteed to have fun!!

You can trust Charlie, and know that the show will always be "FAMILY POLITE"!!

You'll hear Charlie and his callers offer opinions, but there will be no name calling!!

Just like you and your other good friends do, we'll try to face the music laughing together, but at the same time, feel secure enough to share our concerns and fears about family, country, money, love, relationships, and careers.....everything!!!

Darcy Country

Darcy Country - Click for more

Enjoy Darcy Country on KXKK

The Jeremy Show


Jeremy's dynamic personality, on-air energy, and personal approach with his audience have made him a hit with country music fans in Dallas-Fort Worth. Born and raised in the Lone Star State, Jeremy kicked off his career at his hometown radio station playing Classic Country music in 1997. Growing up with country music, Jeremy has stayed true to his roots. Jeremy brings over 12 years experience and fun, and we're glad to have him join our team! You will too when you tune him in during the nighttime! You can reach him on the request line at 800-457-6647, or text Jeremy to 68683 (standard text messaging rates apply).

Chaz Mixon

Chaz Mixon

A 28 year vet of the radio biz, Chaz now spends all night with you playing your country favorites. Having worked with just about every type of music, Chaz has settled into his real favorite.

Chaz has been with great stations through the years like The Zoo KZEW and KZPS along with trying his hand at smooth jazz and various formats across the globe. Having played every kind of music for every kind of radio station, he now calls our station his home.

Chaz enjoys the internet and playing guitar along with keeping up with his two sons, Josh and Jeremy. It's a no nonsense approach as Chaz gets to the goods all night.