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Ice fishing shelter removal dates

03/08/2012, 11:36am CST

The deadline for removing fish houses from water in the northern half of Minnesota is set for March 19, according to the MN Department of Natural Resources. Removal for shelters in the Minnesota-Canada border are to be off by March 31, and the southern half of Minnesota, the houses were to be taken off by March 5. After these removal dates, fish houses are allowed to be on the ice from midnight to an hour before sunrise, if the shelters are in use. Fish shelters along Highway 10 are advised to pay special attention to deadlines, according to Conservation officers patrolling the DL area. “A line runs down Highway 10 from Fargo/Moorhead to DL; then to Highway 34 from DL,” said Conservation Officer Joe Stattelman of Detroit Lakes. “Fish shelters located north of that line have to be off the ice no later than midnight, March 19.” With abnormal winter conditions this season Stattelman comments, “I hope most people take heed of the ice conditions we’ve had this year and remove their shelters sooner rather than later.” A mild winter it has been, with temperatures of 30 degrees to 40 degrees. Minnesota averaged a record warm, with temperatures 10.1 degrees above average between December 2011 and January 2012. Stattelman also recommends individuals check ice thickness before venturing onto a pond, lake or river. According to the DNR Boat and Water Safety, a minimum of 4 inches is appropriate for ice fishing, 5 inches for ATV’s and snowmobiling, 8-12 inches for a car and 12-15 for a truck.

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