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De La Hunt Communications & Engineering

Quality Used Equipment For Sale

David De La Hunt

Chief Engineer

Phone: 218-732-3306 ext. 18

RF Tubes

2-3cx20000a3 - Econco Rebuilt

1-3cx15000H3 - Econco Rebuilt

1-4cx15000A - Used


Call for pricing!

For Sale Phoenix Phase Converter

37.3kw rotary phase converter.  Convert single phase electric service to 3 phase electric service.    Asking $2500.00 OBO.

For Sale: CCA 12000G 3 phase transmitter with solid state IPA. Uses 3cx15000 tube. Just taken out of service. In nice shape. Designed to do up to 15kw with 700 watt IPA.  Tuned to 94.7 mhz. Also have a rotary phase converter available if you need single phase.

11,000.00 for both items.

9,000 for transmitter/Bext LEX 25 exciter.

1000 Watt FM amplifier

RVR 1000 Watt FM amplifier.  Used as backup, very few hours.  Nice shape.

Weights 120lbs, 150lbs shipping with crate.  Buyer responsible for shipping.


For Sale TFT 8601 A mono Stl receiver.  Freq.  951.625

Good Condition:  $600.00


For Sale TFT 911 Encoder/Decoder. (2 available):  500.00

TFT EAS 940 4 channel program interrupt unit.  $200.00

(2 available)

Modulation Sciences Sidekick.  67khz SCA generator.  $500.00

Sencore DSA 1471 Satellite Finder.  Works great for aligning Satellite dishes.  $250.00

McCurdy Console

For Sale:  McCurdy Console....fully functional.  Make Offer.

For Sale: Scully Reel to Reel

Scully 255-2

Scully 255-2 stereo Reel to Reel player.  Two available.  Was used in a Broadcast Electronics Automation system to play stereo music.  Has balanced analog outputs.  Fully functional!  $275.00 each, includes shipping US lower 48 only.

David De La Hunt

Cheif Engineer

Phone: 218-732-3306 ext. 18

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We Accept

Call or email the above contact.




Broadcast Engineering Services


De La Hunt Communications can provide  broadcast engineering services in a variety of areas. We provide complete equipment quotes for transmission and studio sites.  We can also provide AM and FM allotment searches and application processing.   Our rates are reasonable and our work and material are of the highest quality.

Give us a call or drop us an email to see if your project is something we can help with.


Ed De La Hunt Sr.

Ed has been in the broadcast business for 50 years now.  His engineering ability is second to few.  Ed has build several AM facilities ranging from 1kw to 50kw including numerous directional arrays.  Ed has also built or been involved in well over two dozen FM facilities including over twelve of his own.

Ed "Butch" De La Hunt Jr.

Ed worked for over 10 years in the FCC's Mass Media Bureau, FM Division.  Ed is the go to guy for FM allocation and application processing.  If your looking to upgrade or relocate your facility Ed will help you weigh your options.

David De La Hunt

David is a licensed professional engineer and works with Ed and Butch to facilitate equipment purchases along with any facility design requirements.

De La Hunt Communications

Engineering Services

Phone: 218-732-3306