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Great outdoor country festival in Walker, MN just getting started!
  • Wild Bill's Bar

    New bar on the grounds of Moondance offering lots of great mixed drinks.
  • Bill's Tribute

    Jumbotron Tribute to Bill Bieloh
  • We Miss You Bill

  • Camping Contest

    Great campsites this year competing in the camping contest.
  • Camp Contest

  • Bill Bieloh Tribute

    Bill Bieloh's family and friends gather as we pay tribute to the founder and owner of Moondance who past away in 2010.
  • Our Friends from the cities

    Welcome Buzzin from Mpls to Moondance!
  • Jake Owen

    A Shannon Northbird photo....he is one of our Moondance Photographers and always gets great shots for us.
  • Mrs. Moondance

    Kathy Bieloh gets a hug from front stage security John Schumacher
  • Bieloh Family Bri and Kathy with friend Jason hanging out in the pit during Jake Owen performance
  • Jerrodm Niemann Hug

    Oh yha.....gotta like a hug from Mr. Niemann
  • Moondance Icon

    Willard enjoying the Jake Owen concert Friday night
  • Crowd

    Nice early crowd at MDJC Friday night
  • Jake Owen

    Another Shannon Northbird photo
  • Girls just wanna have fun

  • Rain!!

    Lots a rain at Moondance last night as it poured into the Saloon, but everyone had fun with it. Showers at Midnight are always fun....people were splashing up the water and getting crazy! Love Jammers, always make fun out of mud, rain, wind, sleet, snow, 35 degress 100 degrees, (All types of weather we have seen over the years) it's great!
  • New Bar

    New bar up on the hill at Moondance, Wild Bill's Bar.
  • Slamabama

    Slamabama is a bar out of Birmingham Alabama and graced us with their talents at the pre-jamming party Thursday. Bernie from Hot Country is joined by them and Lenni from Bad Animals.
  • Pre-Jammin Party

    32 Below closes out the show at MDJC Thursday night to a packed house.

    Lots a rain Thursday, but that doesn't dampen a Jammers spirit.

    Staff having fun Thursday night at the pre-jamming party. So excited to see everyone!



Great outdoor country festival in Walker, MN just getting started!