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Birthday and Anniversary Club



Aly Raisman (Gymnast) 24

Mike Myers (Movie Actor) 55

Ian McKellen (Movie Actor) 79

Octavia Spencer (Movie Actress) 46

Anne Heche (Movie Actor) 49



Whatever their degree of sophistication, May 25th people are fighters. They may be devoted to protecting a cause, an idea, their country or family. Yet in no way are they archaic or conservative in their beliefs, remaining up-to-date in their attitude toward the world. Those born on this day value money, clothes, all the outward trappings of life, yet understand that they are merely the facade of a deeper spiritual life within. Above all they recognize that freedom from tyranny, both for the individual and the group, is of the highest importance.


Birthday and Anniversary

Krista DeFoe, Ryan & Kerry Milbradt

Joyce & Jarel Hieb, Thomas Appel


















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