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Play by Play Q and A's Jack Michel

09/19/2022, 11:15am CDT
By De La Hunt Media

1. How did you start doing play by play? Do you remember your first

I was talking to a counselor at Bemidji State University about career path options and she mentioned a student-run radio station that allows you to go live on air and talk about whatever you wanted to, so I chose the NFL. I got into contact with a student there who was listening to my show and asked if I was interested in being his color commentator for BSU basketball games. I then after a few games agreed to take over the primary play-by-play announcer in place of him and loved it ever since! My first game I covered is all a blur to be honest. Everything was so new yet excited and I just got caught up in the entertainment.

2. What's the craziest game that you've called so far?
I was calling a Blackduck Boys Basketball Game in Fosston during the 2021-2022 season and Blackduck was up 10 points at halftime and Fosston opened up the second half with a 9 point run to close the game and then it was back and forth from there. There were a lot of big time shots from beyond the arc for the Drakes alongside some fantastic post play, and they got the win in double overtime 73-70.

3. Which sport is your favorite to call?
Basketball! There's so much action going on, it's fast pace, tons of scoring, and the gymnasiums are always loud with great student sections cheering for their school. High school basketball gymnasiums have such a great atmosphere. How can you not love a great game of high school basketball?

4. Who taught you to do pbp?
The first person to ever show me the ropes of play-by-play was the student back at Bemidji State University. An amazing friend by the name of Chandler See. However, my current Station/General Manager, Richard De La Hunt, has been my mentor for a few years now, and I am forever grateful for him giving me these amazing opportunities!

5. What is your favorite part of doing play by play?
The atmosphere! There is so much joy and excitement felt whenever you go to a game. It doesn't matter whether it's at a field, gym, arena, or park. The venues are always packed with energy. I also love being a part of some awesome communities. Everyone knows exactly who you are and why you are attending these games; to give amazing young men and women their moment to shine on radio. These kids and their communities deserve nothing but the best and nothing but positivity and that is always my goal whenever I go live on air. Kids right now, especially in high school, are exposed to so much negativity in this life, and it's always a blessing when God puts you in a position to bring a positive light. So long, good night, and God Bless! :)
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